Andie is constantly struggling with her own mind and is doing everything humanly possible to keep herself occupied with work. She's a pediatric therapist, and that allows her to "lick her wounds" while helping the little ones overcome the nightmares in their lives. Back when she was just a kid, Andie went through something horrifying, something that folks rarely manage to forget.

However, when she meets Mr. Griffiths, a wealthy gentleman, and his autistic boy, Will, a new meaning comes into her routine life. And when the kiddo's first word becomes her name, it gives her a sign that there's still a lot of hope for her. Happiness is just around the corner, and, as it turns out, she doesn't really need a lot to feel like she belongs somewhere.

The rich man offers her a well-paid job - that of a live-in therapist for the boy - she gladly agrees. Now, the mutual attraction between the two is obvious, and there's no point in denying it. This new rush of emotions is new for Andie, and she's kinda scared that her employer will hurt her and break her heart. Happily ever after is what they both have been dreaming of, but it's not that easy to let go of the past and confide is a stranger.

At the same time, you can't just expect love to do all the "heavy lifting", and it's up to Mr. Griffiths and his kid's new nanny to fight for it and to protect it with everything they've got. The troubled past doesn't want them to move on and be happy - it's trying to drag them down. Will the lovers find a way to beat all the odds and prevail? The First Word is a sweet, honest, moving and touching romantic novel that is equally heart-warming and uplifting.

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