The-Fix-By-David-BaldacciDavid Baldacci is one of those mighty writers that you know will never disappoint you, the reader. The man always comes through with amazing thrillers that keep us up all night and make us forget about the rest of the world. The Amos Decker series is one of David's finest ones to date, and this is the latest addition to the franchise.

The Fix starts with Amos witnessing a fella shoot an innocent woman point-blank, right in the middle of a lively street. Then the crazy killer shot himself, leaving no evidence behind as to why he decided to do that at the FBI's front door. True, Decker has been through a lot, and his gifted investigative mind can figure out pretty much every nut-job case out there, but this time around, even the hard-boiled detective is a bit dazzled.

The man's squad can't find any association between the loony gunner and his poor victim. He was a flourishing business consultant and really loved his family, while she was just a regular schoolteacher. So, the motives are unclear, and Amos is lost. That's when Brown enters: she's an agent with the DIA and tells the guy and his whole team to leave the case alone - she's takin' over.

The DIA is already working 24/7 on it, and the murder is a part of one of their on-going investigations. It's classified enough for the decorated detective not to be allowed anywhere near it. Solving this case and figuring out who and why made the man kill an ordinary teacher is a matter of US security, and the whole country is in danger. The DIA thinks that someone's leaking high-profile info to terrorists or a rivaling government. The Fix is a fast-paced, blood-chilling and engaging political thriller with tons of action, drama, and more.

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