the-flame-bearer-by-bernard-cornwellAs far as historical war series go, Saxon Tales has always been on top of the list. The Flame Bearer is the latest installment in the game-changing saga, and it follows the making of modern-day England. The critics are calling it one of the greatest historical franchises to ever hit the market, and Netflix turned it into a hit TV show. Britain is going through tough times: despite the fact that the Viking Leader and the Saxon Queen both agreed to live in peace, the agreement could be terminated at any moment.

Meanwhile, Uhtred, the country's greatest warrior, is dreaming of taking back what's rightfully his from the traitorous uncle. He was betrayed many years ago, but now the man can finally have his revenge. However, he can't just go for it, as he's got some obligations; besides, his enemies are vigilant, and he'll need to handle them first before he goes on with taking his home back.

Furthermore, England's neighbors also want a big part of the cake, and Scotland is moving south, hoping to crush the army and turn into a new super-power. The peace treaty is as fragile as ever, and Britain is facing total annihilation. But that doesn't concern Uhtred. He doesn't care how many enemies he or the country has - all he wants is to claim the throne, and he's ready to do whatever it takes.

Old foes, new foes, they all come together to confront him, so, he'll need to put all of his skills to good use. He's been fighting wars for his whole life, but this one is the fiercest one yet. The Flame Bearer is a riveting historical novel that combines a twisty plot, a fine line-up of characters, an amazing narrative and awesome writing, making for a fascinating read.

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