If you're a fan of dystopian slash apocalyptic science fiction, make sure to check out Daniel Price's latest page-turner. This is an all-consuming and extremely addictive story with a unique and fresh atmosphere. One fine day, the world as we know it seized to exist. The sky turned blinding white, the electric grid broke down, and every single plane in the air came crashing into the ground.

The sky turned into a huge sheet of light and took Earth's population out, except for the Given sisters. They were protected by a trio of scary, powerful yet kind creatures and taken to a different reality where buildings are flying in the air and time is constantly being altered by regular folks on a daily basis.

Hannah and Amanda are shocked by the possibility of an entirely different Earth, and soon a group of four people from their homeworld joins them in this highly unusual quest: a troubled teenage girl, a genius from Australia, a sarcastic cartoonist, and a prodigy wanna-be. As far as the survivors know, they are the only six living-breathing human beings from their home planet.

Along the way, they discover hidden abilities within themselves and learn that they're being hunted by a bunch of fearsome enemies that will stop at nothing to get what they want. The Given sisters turn into the leaders of this newly-founded team and head towards the one and only man who can tell them what's going on and what they need to do to save themselves and the whole universe before it's too late. The Flight of the Silvers comes with likable, engaging characters, a fast-paced, action-charged plot and a great finale.

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