the-food-of-love-by-amanda-prowseAmanda Prowse, the author of several breath-taking and heart-warming romantic stories, is back with The Food of Love - a wonderful new novel about a picture-perfect family that faces a shock wave that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. Freya is living the dream life: she's been married to the man she loves for 19 straight years, and he still makes her laugh, cherishes her and makes her happy.

Together they're raising 2 adorable teenage girls. The kids are truly amazing, and the 4 of them live in harmony, peace, love and appreciate each other. Their home is always filled with laughter. However, when Lexi, one of the daughters, begins to struggle with her own weight, everything in Freya's world comes crashing down, and, for the first time, the whole family feels helpless and scared.

Lexi doesn't really know what to do, she's terrified, and the only way to help the girl through these difficult times it to comfort her with love, understanding, and support. The Food of Love is not a gripping mystery thriller or an exciting science fiction story, but it most certainly is a touching, captivating novel about a regular modern-day family and the way they come together to face the unexpected difficulties that are challenging their happiness.

Amanda Prowse, an award-winning and bestselling author, shows the readers that love is our greatest "tool" and with it, we can turn mountains and make wonders happen. It's safe to say that you'll appreciate The Food of Love if you're a man/woman who knows first-hand what it's like to watch your child struggle and be unable to really help them. Tears of pain and joy are guaranteed!

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