If you've been looking for a historical drama that's equally heart-warming and heart-wrenching, hopeful and full of despair, uplifting and devastating, The Forgotten Seamstress will be a great pick for you. Maria, a regular girl with no family to take care of her, is pretty lucky to have a job in the sewing room of a rich and influential household.

WW1 is just around the corner, but, before all the horrors start, Prince of Wales notices her among the many. However, soon her life flips 180 degrees and all that she's got left are her memories of the gorgeous Buckingham Palace. Many years later, Caroline comes across a fascinating quilt in her mom's things. It comes with a mysterious message on the lining, which makes the woman drop everything and embark on a journey, a quest to learn what it means.

The puzzle seems like a good mystery at first, but it grows more and more important to Caroline as she moves further with the investigation. The quilt tells a touching story, and it holds secrets from the past that help the girl make sense of her life in the modern-day world. The truth about Maria is hidden within that message, and it's up to Caroline to learn it.

The Forgotten Seamstress is one of those exceptional novels that you can enjoy on the weekend with a nice cup of tea/coffee while cozied up in your favorite chair/couch. It's equally riveting, page-turning and moving. Liz Trenow did a marvelous job of gluing the past and the present together without making the story too complex. The jumps back and forth in time only add more drama to the already-strong narrative.

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