The-Friends-We-Keep-By-Susan-MalleryThe Mischief Bay series is heart-warming, heart-wrenching, touching and thought-provoking, and, as far as women's fiction about friendship and family goes, this trilogy is one of the contemporary classics. The Friends We Keep is the 2nd book in the franchise, and it's a charming, compelling story of 3 close friends and their struggles in life.

Gabby has spent the last half-a-decade at home, taking care of her kids. And now, she's finally free and can't wait to get back to work. True, she loves her kids to death, but even an adoring mom needs a break from all the craziness. Her husband used to constantly barge into the bathroom, his daughter was a big fan of going nuts, and Gabby kinda got lost in that impossible routine.

However, her big plans are disrupted, and her man's hopes and dreams are crushed, which means the woman must find the necessary strength to fight for her own happiness. Hayley had absolutely no problem getting pregnant, but staying that way is the tricky part. Her husband is worried thick about her health and all the pricey treatments. But, Haley is confident that the universe wants her to be a mom, and she believes that she'll be great at it.

So, she's ready to do whatever's necessary to go through with the pregnancy. Nicole just went through a divorce. She now shares joint custody of their son with her ex, and that's pretty much what they have in common now. There's a handsome new man in her life and he's making her believe in second chances. But is she really ready to trust in love again? These ladies are going through a rough patch, and t's their friendship that keeps them going.

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