Jeff Shaara is often called the master of historical fiction, and this time around, the man focused on the Korean War. The Frozen Hours is a gripping, engrossing novel about the valor and brilliance of both the Chinese and the American soldiers who fought in this deadly war. In June 1950, the North Koreans attacked their Southern neighbors: they wanted to unite the country and turn it into a Communist state.

Next, the US government decided to send troops to help the weak South. Together, the two countries managed to drive the NK army back, to their border with the Chinese. At the same time, numerous soldiers from China entered the peninsula and put huge traps for the Americans. And in November, when it was extremely cold, China went even further into the country, forcing the Allies out of North Korea and beyond.

Thus, the tide of the war changed completely, and the US army was broken. General MacArthur was the man responsible for the military operations in the Korean War, and he had to come up with a brilliant new plan ASAP; otherwise, the war would be lost and the American influence along with it. Every single country had its interest in this war, but it was the innocent civilians and the soldiers that gave their lives to the cause. Was it worth it?

The Frozen Hours is a story of courage, valiancy, and duty. Jeff Shaara did a great job of showing multiple points of view, including that of a renowned Chinese general, as opposed to the other American books/movies that claim the enemies of the US are monsters and need to be eradicated. The author's fresh, honest take on this war is what makes this novel a must-have for the fans of historical fiction.

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