The Games by James Patterson

The-Games-by-James-PattersonCan you remember the most famous things about Rio de Janeiro? It is a beautiful city with amazing sandy beaches, pretty girls, breathtaking natural landscapes. And, of course, it is a vast Carnival celebration ever. Why it is so large. The answer is very simple. It is because the Brazil citizens very well know how to make a perfect party. Rio de Janeiro is the perfect city for many events.

The World Cup and the Olympics are not an exception. Realization of the biggest spectacles in sport is very difficult and responsible task. Because of that, an organizer of Olimpic in Rio de Janeiro is hired the international security and consulting firm Private.

So in the new James Patterson novel called The Games Jack Morgan must provide sports competition without any unwanted events. So he is back in Rio de Janeiro. Last time he visited that city was two years ago during the soccer championship match.

Mission in Rio is a difficult one. Very soon the client of Jack Morgan is disappeared. Then the people start dying on the streets… With every passing day, the Private is drawn deeper and deeper into the Olimpic's mystery. And one day Jack Morgan will cross his path with a mad underworld of Rio de Janeiro. He must work very hard to prevent drastic events and stop the deadly smartphone before the start of the Olympics…

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