You might not know this, but Chief of Staff is one of the most powerful and influential positions at the White House, and Chris Whipple's latest bestseller proves that here in the United States, the Chiefs of Staff are sometimes doing more to change the course of history than the presidents. They're calling them the gatekeepers, and they've got more control and power in their hands than you could ever imagine, both in America and beyond.

These folks single-handedly pick POTUS's guests in the Oval House, decide which agendas to push first, deal with Congress and have unlimited access to the President and his daily routine. It's safe to say that a good Chief can make a weak and incompetent leader and/or administration look like a million bucks.

We've seen this over the years, and people involved in politics know that a President can't be strong or popular among the voters unless he's got an agile, witty and hard-boiled Chief by his side. The war in Iraq that took so many innocent lives, the devastating Obamacare program and many other disasters could be avoided if we had a better Chief.

Mr. Whipple, an award-winning and critically-acclaimed journalist, took interviews from 17 living-breathing chiefs of staff and two ex-presidents, which allowed him to create a complete picture of how things in the White House really work. So, you could say that the curtain is pulled back and now the regular men and women will know what is it exactly that these government officials do on a daily basis to turn this country into the undisputed leader of the free world.

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