the-gender-game-by-bella-forrestBella Forrest is one of the biggest writers in the genre of science fiction and fantasy, and The Gender Game is her brand-new series that's destined to become a worldwide bestseller. If you're a fan of young adult fantasy dramas with a mighty dose or romance in them, this book is most definitely your cup of tea. A mysterious toxic river cut the world in half, and now men and women are forever separated.

The East is ruled by the ladies, while the fellas are controlling the West. Violet, the main character of The Gender Game, is just a 19-years-old girl who can't get a hold of her brother and is constantly fighting a sudden rush of anger that's hard to control. And, on top of all of that, she's being hunted in her own part of the world.

So, in order to save her own life and bring her brother back, she will have to do something that nobody has ever done - the impossible. She'll have to enter the realm of men and try to right all the wrongs. Violet's only option is to submit and to stay true to the rules of men, but, unfortunately (or, maybe, fortunately), she's never been one to abide. This is a world where your gender defines everything, and only the strongest spirits survive to live another day.

Bella Forrest received a lot of praise for The Gender Game, and the critics say that it's the perfect combination of mystery, suspense, adventure, and, of course, love. The story is full of twists and turns, and the fast-paced, action-charged narrative is both intriguing and heart-racing. It's safe to say that Forrest created yet another strong series that the fans will enjoy quite a lot. Welcome to The Gender Games!

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