the-gender-lie-by-bella-forrestBella Forrest created a whole movement with the Gender Game series, and this is the third installment in the best-selling franchise. Some critics claim that this is the best chapter by Forrest, so, make sure to grab it at your local bookstore and enjoy. This is an action/adventure science fiction novel for the young adults and continues the story of Violet, a brave young girl who's searching for the truth.

She learned the terrifying secret of The Green, and now she's got a difficult choice to make: confide in the woman that saved her and trust her, or move on and never look back. This woman is honest, open and upfront, which is a rare thing in Violet’s world. And, given the fact that the people that she cares about are in desperate need of her help, the girl has no other choice but to follow this mysterious lady.

One of her loved ones will soon be forever lost to Violet, while the other one is barely alive. So, the only way forward, the only way to happiness is a highly dangerous "journey". The girl knows that in order for her to succeed, the Liberators must be on her side. She's ready to face whatever's coming her way. However, neither the brave young lady nor the strong Liberators have any idea about how deep the secrets, lies, and betrayals run in their worlds.

The Gender Lie encourages the readers to embark on a thrilling-yet-deadly journey with Viggo and Violet and discover the real truth behind it all. Bella Forrest created a marvelous series with an amazing story, great narrative, likable characters and unexpected twists and turns. If you're a fan of modern-day science fiction for the teens, this novel will be a great read for you.

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