THE-GENESiddhartha Mukherjee, a best-selling author and a proud owner of a Pulitzer Prize, is back with yet another breath-taking book, The Gene, where he talks about the human race and tries to answer the ultimate question: what will happen to our race when the scientists figure out how to write and read the genetic info? What will happen to our emotions, our feelings, our relationships with each other? It's a brilliant, highly enthusiastic book about the possibility of a greater life - if not for us, then for our children and grandchildren.

By mixing history, science and his own personal thoughts, Mukherjee tells us the story of one of the biggest discoveries of all times in an entertaining, fun and smart way. The author shares his own life experience, including his family's tragic history, and writes about the countless research that our ancestors did for us, from Aristotle to Darwin, all the way up to the current developments and innovations in the field.

The human genome is believed to be the key to opening up new gateways into a healthier, happier life. And, thanks to the author's brilliance, we, the readers, get to learn about modern science and tech, while still enjoying a gripping story about love, passion, and hope. There aren't a lot of books that manage to appeal to a wide audience while talking about something as complex as the gene, but Siddhartha Mukherjee certainly did that! The Gene is an amazing treat for all the science fans that care about humanity's future and wanna be in touch with all the latest developments. It doesn't get much better than this book!

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