the-general-vs-the-president-by-h-w-brandsH.W. Brands is a world-acclaimed historian, storyteller, and groundbreaker, and he's back with arguably his best work to date. The General vs. the President is the thrilling story, or, rather, the documentary of Truman's conflict with General MacArthur back in the 50's when the two were deciding the fate of the United States of America. When the Korean War was raging, Truman said something shocking that left its big mark on the man's career and life.

When somebody asked him whether he's considering to use a nuclear missile as a response to China's actions in the conflict, he basically said that it's up to the military commander on the ground and that he's the one who gets to make the final decision. And that meant that MacArthur, the decorated, fearless and ruthless general literally had his finger on that button that said "Nuclear".

Naturally, a correction followed almost immediately, but there was no turning back from those words. It was clear that the president and the general had opposite opinions about the Korean war and the geopolitical endgame, and, eventually, one of the two would have to step down. It's no secret that Truman was one of the worst and most unpopular presidents that ever ruled the United States.

He inherited a world with a weakened economy, a struggling Europe, and a super-strong enemy in the name of the USSR. MacArthur, on the other hand, was probably the most loved and untouchable military man in history. He knew that war with the Soviets was inevitable, and so, he was doing his best to be prepared. The General vs. the President is a fundamental book that will be appreciated by the readers who want to learn the real truth about the 50's and MacArthur's legacy to the 21st century.

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