the-gift-by-louise-jensenLouise Jensen is known for writing un-put-down-able psychological thrillers with mighty twists and turns that you can never see coming, and The Gift is one of the best books to date. Jenna, a regular modern-day girl, is given a second chance at life when a family agrees to give their deceased daughter's heart to her. Yes, it's a donor organ, and it's a new shot at living, breathing and being happy.

Naturally, Jenna can't find the words to express her gratitude, and she gets real close to them. However, pretty soon she finds out that the "ideal" family has its own secrets - pretty dark ones. The dead girl's parents are grieving a lot, but something tells Jenna that they're only sharing half of the story. For instance, where is Callie's sis? They claim she's been living "overseas" since the tragedy happened, but it all just doesn't add up in Jenna's head.

And soon, when she finally meets Nate, Callie's sweetheart, he makes a terrifying revelation. So, now she's confident that the poor girl didn't pass away in an accident. The big question is - how DID she die? The heart recipient is obsessed with finding out what really happened, but this new "quest" could very well cost her everything, including her family, her psyche and even her very life.

The Gift is a compelling, adrenaline-pumping mystery thriller with a huge twist at the very end. Louise Jensen created yet another brilliant novel, an absolute must-have for the fans of the genre and a true masterpiece. It's safe to say that you won't be able to stop reading the book once you start, so, make sure to take care of everything else before you do!

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