The-Girl-Before-By-JP-DelaneyPsychological thrillers are one of the most popular genres in modern-day literature, right next to romantic novels, and, if you've been kinda disappointed with the "same-old, same old" routine with the best-selling, yet ordinary mystery/suspense thrillers, then you'll be really happy to learn that The Girl Before is not like the rest of 'em and brings something new to the genre.

Big-time professionals and game-changing authors like Gardner and Child give JP Delaney the highest praise, and that gotta count for something, right? This is a gripping, riveting and breathtaking thriller that will dazzle and shock you more than once. It's a page-turner, a pitch-perfect novel that's full of tension, twists, and a grandiose finale. Emma just had a traumatizing break-in in her place, so, the only thing that she wants right now is a new house to live in - a peaceful, secure home.

However, the girl can't find an apartment that's both safe and fits her budget. Thankfully, she soon comes across a gorgeous house, a masterpiece of a dashing minimalistic design. But, this architectural wonder comes with a couple of need-to-follow rules. The man who built it tells every lodger that no personal items are allowed, and that includes photos, books, personal effects - all of that.

The person that moves in can't transform the space - he/she gets transformed by it. Jane, the other character of The Girl Before, is head over heels over this house. After losing someone close, she's happy to move in. But, she soon finds out that a woman before her died in mysterious circumstances. And, she looked a lot like her and was the same age...

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