James Hayman, the bestselling author, is back with his finest book to date - The Girl in the Glass. This is the final chapter, the final installment in the fan-favored McCabe series and follows 2 matching murders of 2 matching females that happened 108 years apart. Is there a connection between them, or is it all just a big coincidence?

Aimée, a gorgeous French belle and the spouse of a wealthy, powerful and influential fella, is found almost breathless on the fam's island. She's got "A", the letter, "written" on her chest. It's June 1904, and the cops are unable to solve the case or find the criminals who did this. Jump forward to summer of 2012: Veronica, an 18-year-old beauty, is the direct descendant of Aimée.

She looks almost exactly like her ancestor, and a copycat psychopath attacks her and follows the exact steps of the first assail. The mass media goes crazy and urges McCabe and his partner, the hard-boiled detectives, to find the killer and to make him pay for what he's done. But the fact is - the key to understanding the murderer's motives and solving the mystery of the girl's death is buried six feet under the ground, right next to her dashing great-grandmother.

The Girl in the Glass is a fast-paced, adrenaline-packed and suspenseful mystery thriller for the fans of the genre. It's twisty, edgy, scary and un-put-down-able. James Hayman has been delivering A-grade bestsellers for years, and the critics are calling this book one of the finest ones out there. An eerie murderer, lovely, engaging characters, an unpredictable plot and a wonderful romantic story - what else is there to ask for, right?

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