The Girl in the Spider's Web (A Lisbeth Salander novel)

The-Girl-in-the-Spiders-Web-A-Lisbeth-Salander-novel-She was the girl with the dragon tattoo and now she is back, so we can enjoy David Lagercrantz's novel called “The Girl in the Spider's Web”. It will be the fourth part of Stieg Larsson's series, written only not by the original author, but other man. The previous three have been published before Larsson's heart attack. As the result the world will never see other seven books. It is obvious that not everyone is going to read this book on principle. But what will it tell the ones who dare to continue living with the girl?

The story begins when Mikael Blomkvist – the man who works in the editorial office of Millennium – gets an incoming call from the mystical source. Little did he know that hacker – Lisbeth Salander – is the one who knows the secret information that may be crucial to the United States. However, Blomkvist as a great devotee of the new stories and secrets decided to meet the hacker. And when they both finally met each other.. the plot twist had started! Salander and Blomkvist will have to risk their lives to find out what is the real truth that is hiding behind the world of spies, criminals and government. But even though they both have plans of their own do they understand what kind of trap they got caught in?

While the main characters fight with injustice, readers stay excited. All time dedicated to this book will justify itself. All you have to do is don't ignore “The Girl in the Spider's Web” enjoy and its amazing plot!

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