The-Girl-Who-Came-Home-By-Hazel-GaynorThis historical masterpiece is heavily based on true events and tells the breath-taking story of a bunch of emigrants from Ireland that were aboard the legendary Titanic ship. The book brilliantly mixes facts with fiction and depicts the terrifying tragedy's impact on the few survivors and their children. Back in 1912, more than 100 years ago, 14 folks from a tiny Irish village hop onto Titanic, full of hope that they'll have a much better life on the American land.

Maggie, a 17-year-old girl, can't get herself to leave her hometown behind and focus on what's ahead. Despite the fact that her future is intertwined with America now, her heart refuses to forget Séamus, the man she loves and the one that she wants to be with. And when the horrifying disaster strikes, the girlie is one of the lucky people that survive it.

She comes to in a hospital in NY, totally alone, and gives herself a promise to never ever speak of that night again. Flash-forward to 1982, Chicago. Grace is devastated by her father's passing and doesn't really know what to do next or how to "handle" this harsh new reality.

However, when Maggie, her nana, tells her about everything that she had to go through back in 1912, all those painful memories that she's been hiding for 70 years, it gives Grace a nice "kick" and brings hope and meaning to her life. Soon, she and Maggie track and find the people they thought were gone decades ago, and the reunions inspire and uplift them all. The Girl Who Came Home is a heart-warming, heart-wrenching and an all-together wonderful historical romance that will make you shed more than a few tears.

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