the-girl-who-drank-the-moon-by-kelly-barnhillKelly Barnhill's brand-new bestseller for the middle-graders will captivate you with its charm and leave you speechless. The residents of the Protectorate have a "tradition": once a year, they leave a new-born baby as a gift to the witch who lives in the deep, dark forest. This horrible offering ensures that she never steps foot into the town and leaves the people alone.

However, Xan, the witch, is not really all that scary, and she's got two guests in her house - a funny monster and a little dragon. And she doesn't eat the babies or anything like that. No, she just hands them over to happy folks on the opposite side of the dark forest and keeps them safe on their journeys. She gives them starlight to make them strong, but once she gives one baby moonlight instead, and the kid gets magical abilities.

Xan decides that it would be wise for her to take care of the child, and she starts to raise her like her own. The girl becomes the closest thing to a daughter for her, but, when her 13th birthday is closing, the force of the magic becomes stronger and stronger, and the consequences can be quite dangerous. At the same time, a brave young man from the town claims to kill the witch and set everybody free from her.

That's when a volcano that's been "sleeping" for ages begins to rumble...The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a fascinating story, a wonderful tale that has the potential of becoming a modern-day classic. Kelly Barnhill's brilliant writing, original plot, and likable characters make the book a must-have for all the parents and their middle-grade kids. Grab a copy and enjoy this award-winning bestseller with your children!

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