If you're a sucker for fast-paced and blood-pumping page-turners, Charlie Donlea has just the right book for you. The critics are calling this man one of the greatest new voices in the genre, and he's finally ready to present his brand-new bestseller to the world. The Girl Who Was Taken is a twisty, suspenseful and haunting mystery thriller about two kidnapped girls.

One of them returns home, one doesn't make it. Megan and Nicole are seniors in high school in a picturesque townlet in North Carolina. One hot summer night, they both disappear into thin air, without leaving a single trace behind. The cops launch a big search party, but it's all for nothing: they can't find a single clue as to where the girls might be and if they're alive or not.

Thankfully, Megan manages to escape and makes it back home from a creepy bunker in the middle of the woods. A year later, the girl's miraculous escape turns into a bestselling book that makes her an American superstar, not just a local celebrity. Her story is inspiring and uplifting, but her friend Nicole is still missing, and there's no telling whether she's still breathing or not. Livia, her big sis, is a forensics expert and knows that her baby sister's dead body will surface soon, which means it's gonna take someone of her profession to analyze the corpse and determine the cause of death.

But when another body arrives in her morgue, everything changes. The fella used to be Nicole's friend, and Livia calls Megan and asks the girl to tell her everything she remembers about that fateful day. Megan agrees, and, even though she's been hiding some chilling details from her faithful readers, she confides in Livia, and together they start to dig for the truth...

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