The Girls: A Novel by Emma Cline

The-Girls-A-Novel-by-Emma-ClineIt is late of the 1960s, a start of summer. It is violent and beautiful time. The first scene of The Girls novel take place in Northern California. Evie Boyd as a teenager without many friends. Actually, she is a lonely person and not a sociable one. One day Evie is walking through the park territory and sees several girls. They are so full of life. Evie enchanted by their careless freedom and simple dress. And she feels something dangerous about all of them. It is like an aura of abandon people.

Evie Boyd is not alone anymore. But with the passing of time she falls under the influence of one of her new friends. Her name is Suzanne, she is older than Evie and fascinating her very much. Step by step Evie Boyd is fallen into the pit of a soon-to-be notorious cult society. She even will meet the cult's leader. He will be a very charismatic man.

The sanctuary of the cult, or simply its main gathering place is hidden in the hills. This spreading ranch looks eerie, but Evie Boyd is very excited about that. She thought that she lives a full life now. All new friends of her and their activities are so exotic! They are thrilling her to the bone. Her desperate mood is no more. Evie Boyd feels that she is appreciated and accepted to greater things.

Spending more and more time with her new friends, she forgets about her mother and other good people. So, she embarked on the path of unimaginable violence.

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