The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The-Glass-Castle-by-Jeannette-Walls2`I was in a taxi when I saw my mother who was rummaging in a garbage can. Describes Jeanette Walls in her "The Glass Castle".

Jeannette grew up in West Virginia and lives with her brother, sister, and parents in poverty. She worked about twenty years as a journalist in New York. Her award-winning The Glass Castle is an international bestseller. Because The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is simply breathtaking.

In The Glass Castle Jeanette Walls says that in her childhood she was an oldest of four children in a family that lives in absolute poverty. She describes how a young frankfurter trying to warm up burned himself terribly, how her father was repeatedly fired again. She tells about how her mother does not want to SELL the land they inherited, even if it can to put an end to their financial worries. Jeanette Walls remembers in her book that they prefer to sleep in cardboard boxes then in normal beds because it was so cozy. She also describes how many fun she had with her totally irresponsible parents and how great was her love for them, even though they were disappointing her from time to time. Moreover, the parents of Jeannette teach their children to take care of all their needs by themselves.

Jeannette tells nonsense stories about his father being chased by the FBI because it sounds much more exciting than being chased by the collection agency. Her father is fired every time and has a drinking problem. The Jeannette mother makes art. Jeannette and her brother and sister usually do not go to school because they move so often. Her mother learns to read children and her father teaches them all about mathematics.

Despite the great poverty and misery, the writer does not lose her sense. In her writing style, you will find something like unexpected magic which makes her so special. Recommended.

The book is called The Glass Castle and written by Jeannette Walls herself. Release year was 2005. On the front of the book, you usually can see a picture of a little girl who has a dog in her lap.

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