the-godfather-by-mario-puzoThis is probably the greatest tale about crime lords of all times. It's definitely an international hit that still lingers on after so many years. The Godfather is a story about family, friendship, honor, making impossible decisions and living with the consequences. It's been almost 5 decades since Mario Puzo wrote this book, and today it's a living-breathing classic, the most iconic portrayal of the American Mafia underworld.

If you ever wanted to learn about the ways of the Mafia bosses, the traditions, customs, and everything in between, The Godfather is the best "manual" out there. The Corleones are the main characters of the book - they've got charm, charisma, honor, and loyalty, and that's exactly why their story became a worldwide phenomenon and 3 generations of American people fell in love with them.

They're cool, righteous (in their own way, of course), and handle difficult situations with grace and nobility. They are proud to be gangsters, and they don't really care about the law. The only thing that these criminals want is power, and it's greed and betrayal that destroy them. Despite their strong family ties, they're not really loyal to each other, and the seduction of power brings them to their knees.

The Godfather is the greatest crime novel in history, and the story of the Corleone family will forever have a place in our hearts and minds. The gangsters are not the good guys, and, eventually, the American government managed to put an end to them. But hey - they're really, really cool, aren't they? The bottom line is - The Godfather is a must-read for all the fans of profound crime novels, as Mario Puzo created an unforgettable cast of characters and a strong, resonating story.

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