the-godfather-notebook-by-francis-ford-coppolaThis is a pretty unique book, ladies and gentlemen: it's a "for your eyes only" edition of Mr. Coppola’s notes, thoughts and suggestions on the world-famous Godfather novel. It comes with tons of insight on the legendary movie, reveals the real story behind its production. With that said, if you're a big fan of the franchise (just like millions of other folks around the globe), then this book will be a must-have for you.

It shows you just how much work, dedication, and passion was put into making this iconic movie, including all kinds of ups and downs. They say that Coppola had this book with him all the time while directing and filming the movie. He was working on his notes during the nights and shooting the actual film in broad daylight. The Godfather Notebook is a pass into the backstage, an opportunity to get to know the man behind it all and the whole creative process a little better.

It's one thing to watch the final product in a theater or at home, but it's actually all the little things in production that allow you to get the complete picture and to respect the creators even more. Coppola wrote a wonderful introduction for this bestseller, plus, the book comes with all kinds of exclusive pics from the set and off it. It's a memoir, a biography; a funny, engaging and educational book.

It's safe to say that nothing like this has ever been available to the regular readers, so, again, if you appreciate the move, make sure to grab your copy of this brand-new bestseller. This book will change the way you view this game-changing movie and think about the huge "machine" that makes it possible. Coppola is, without a doubt, a magnificent director, but he would never be able to pull this off without his crew. Why? Read the book and you'll find out!

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