This is a masterly-crafted, cleverly-constructed and riveting thriller that will glue you to your couch and keep you up all night. It comes with numerous twists and turns, and, as far as page-turning psychological thrillers go, The Good Girl is a must-read for the fans of the genre.

One regular night, Mia visits the local bar to meet her boyfriend. They're not exactly a happy couple, but they do have their moments. He doesn't show, and the girl ends up leaving the place with a mysterious man. His name is Colin, and the girl thinks she'll have an awesome one-night with the guy. However, she'll soon realize that this is the worst mistake she's ever done in her entire life.

Colin locks her up in a solitary cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Minnesota, and Eve, the girl's mom, along with Hoffman, a detective, put their hearts and minds into finding her and bringing her back safe and sound. Will they be able to locate Mia before the psycho hurts her, or is her fate already sealed?

The Good Girl is an addictive, stunning and suspenseful mystery thriller that you'll never be able to figure out until you turn that very last page. This is Mary Kubica's debut, and it's equally intense, action-packed, puzzly. and twisty. If you love books that propel the genre to the next level and deliver a blood-chilling experience, grab a copy of The Good Girl and dive into Kubica's scary world of secrets, lies, betrayals, psychos and murderers. It's safe to say that the fans of the legendary Gone Girl will fall in love with this thriller and call it their new pulse-pounding, breath-taking, and blood-chilling favorite.

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