End of the Line provides aid to people on the edge that need help to see past their inner demon and survive the darkest hour. Laura is not your average crisis helpline volunteer. She doesn’t want people to see the light. She gets gratification from manipulating her unsuspecting victims to commit suicide.

On the outside, she gave an impression of being normal - someone approaching mid-life who wants to make a difference by extending help to those in crisis. But the reality is that she is a fucked-up woman who wants her callers dead. She doesn’t only like to talk to people in crisis, she lust for it!

Ryan’s wife unluckily got through to Laura and ended her life holding hands with another man. Grief-stricken, Ryan will stop at nothing to get answers about the death of his pregnant wife and the mystery surrounding the stranger she was with.
But as he tried desperately to uncover the truth, he was oblivious of the threat that Laura poses to ensure that her dark secret is protected. After all, who would think that a Good Samaritan can be so vile?

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