Jacqueline never said that her marriage was perfect or anything like that, but, even though it did have its fair share of bad moments, it was still familiar and important to her. Well, at least that's what she thought until two cops arrived at her doorstep with shocking news. Her dear husband, the man that she's spent the last 8 years with, who was supposed to be in Kansas taking care of business, died in a terrible accident on the road in Hawaii.

And the worst part is - he wasn't alone in that car. True, it was unbelievably hard for Jacqueline to say goodbye to her husband and to get used to the thought that she's all alone now. Yet, it was so much harder to realize that he preferred to spend his time with another woman, one who was cheating on her fiancé. Nick, her man, was just as devastated by it all, and he needed answers - ASAP.

So, he offered Jacqueline to join forces and try to get to the real truth behind the affair together. To do that, they'd have to follow their steps and figure out what exactly happened. Somewhere along the way, the woman learned that nothing's as black and white as she used to think. Everything that she thought she knew about her marriage, her spouse and his death were lies, and now it was time for her to face the music and uncover the truth.

Would it be painful and confusing? Probably. But Jacqueline would never be able to rest until she got to the bottom of this. It felt like her whole life has been a lie, but maybe with the help of Nick, she could find peace again? The Good Widow is a sophisticated story of love, hate, loss, and redemption. Twists and turns keep the tension rising to the very end. As far as page-turning mystery thrillers go, this is one of the best books of the year.

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