Welcome to a crazy world of ambition, corruption, murders and betrayals. A governor from Texas, a wealthy, prominent and influential man, wants to become the president of the United States. But his lovely wife isn't supporting his endeavors: as a matter of fact, she wants to run as far away from him as humanly possible. At the same time, a mighty drug lord from Mexico, a Hefe, is trying to put the Texas cowboy down before it's too late.

And when the haughty fella kidnaps the future president's wife who's secretly working as a nurse right in the middle of the two countries (on the border), the governor will have to decide what matters most to him: his wife's life or his strivings, the White House or his sweetheart, his life or hers? This is a fast-paced, action-packed and suspenseful political thriller for all the fans of the genre.

If you love non-stop action, rich, multi-layered characters and a gripping plot, make sure to check out Mark Gimenez's bestseller. The international critics and fans love and respect this writer for being a master storyteller with a unique writing style and original stories. The book comes with twists, turns, unexpected flips and a very emotional underpinning.

The captivating, engaging characters feel real and you won't be able to resist their charm. Every single person has his/her own agenda, and you can never guess what's gonna happen on the next page. And, this isn't just another mighty thriller: The Governor's Wife is a poignant novel about us - the human beings. We all have our weaknesses, our vile desires, fears, and doubts. So, who's gonna be the king of the jungle in this mash-up? The future president of America? His lovely wife? The drug lord? Or maybe someone else? Read the book and find out!

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