The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

The-Great-Gatsby-by-Scott-FitzgeraldThe novel tells the story of a lonely rich businessman Jay Gatsby, who pursues his long-lost love. The lavish parties celebrated at his estate must regain the Gatsby's once lost sweetheart. But it is not the novel about love only. It is the power of enormous emotions, painful failure of all romantic dreams.

Jay Gatsby's parties are well known in New York city, there you can always find many celebrities, cocktails, good music while the host keeps itself hidden behind a wall of secrecy. Hardly even one of his "friends" know who is the person behind all this facade of secrecy.

One day the Nick Carraway from Gatsby's neighborhood attracts hosts attentions. They became a very close and Carraway begins to discover that behind the mask of fascination and decadence Gatsby hides a romantic nature. It revealed that great, famous and rich Gatsby all of his life has only one wish: to regain the love of a woman. But worlds can not be built on the dreams and so the rapid rise ends in a catastrophic crash of Gatsby's life.

"The Great Gatsby" is the symbol of the American dream of the rapid success, which inevitably followed by a deep fall, where every single word is essential for the story and the dialogue. Behind the descriptions of light summer, atmosphere hides so much biting sarcasm that the reader is quickly aware, that it's all that glitters is not gold here. And there you find one more essential thing: and the past cannot be lived again.

The Fitzgerald's novels and stories are all autobiographical. Models for his characters he finds very easily: in his wife Zelda or other relatives, in friends. Etc. He even took the diaries of his beloved and transported whole passages in his stories! You can question his methods of writing novels, but today is the Gatsby as a monolith in American cultural history.

The Great Gatsby was written in 1925. It is the most famous F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel. The grand classics of American literature in it's the best form.

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