Shion Miura wrote a charming, touching, adorable story full of hope, love, and faith. The author celebrates the amazing power of simple human connections and tells us, the readers, that we all need to be thankful for the lives we've been given.

An award-winning and critically-acclaimed writer, Miura invites the fans into a wonderful journey towards greatness. Kohei used to be a bright and gifted young man fascinated by the multiple meanings that one word can carry and has always considered a dictionary to be a ship that takes us across an ocean of words. But today, after spending 37 full years on words, he's ready to "hit the sack" and find a proper replacement.

Soon, he finds a soul mate in the face of Mitsuya - a tousled square peg - he "grabs" him from the sales department and gives new meaning to the young lad's life. Majime has a grandiose new job to do: to complete the epic Great Passage, a huge (2.9K-pages long) tome of the Japanese language that Kohei needs to be finished. It's not gonna be easy to complete this task, but, when joined by likely-minded folks, we tend to do more than we usually can.

On this life-defining journey, Majime learns what true friendship means and falls in love for the first time. Words play a vital role in his world, and his dedication and motivation take it all to the next level. He's a fan of ancient books and knows his way around linguistics, but it was Kohei who showed him what it really meant to be fascinated by the power of words. The Great Passage is an emotional, powerful, page-turning masterpiece by one of Japan's brightest modern-day writers.

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