The Guard (The selection novella) by Kiera Cass

The- Guard-The-selection-novella-by-Kiera-Cass-epub-mobiThe Guard tells us a new story from the Aspen Leger's point if view. The novella and takes place far before events of The Elite novel. What to know what happened before America met her Prince? What to know her before the Selection starts. It is a story about her love Aspen Leger boy. The Guard starts soon after the bunch of Selected participants is reduced to an Elite.

If you love the Selection series, you will love this story too. Kiera Cass proved one more time that she is a really magnificent storyteller. After you read The Guard the Aspen became much more interesting and complicated character, than you usually think of. In this novella, you have a possibility to better understand him.

In The Guard, you will know that Aspen felt about all America Singer's situations very guilty. He blames himself for everything that happened. Every time he saw her he thought about how wrong he was. It is not surprising because it is he wanted in the first place, that she entered the Selection. The Guard helped you understand at last why Aspen and America Singer break up so serious.

Kiera Cass does a great work. There so many cliffhangers in her works, this novella included, that you will never forget it. You simply can't resist the magic of her main characters with rich personalities and interesting background.

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