The-Guests-On-South-BatteryKaren White has been gracing the fans with all kinds of awesome novels for the last decade, and the Tradd Street series is her most popular one to date. The Guests on South Battery is a gripping, insightful and un-put-down-able story about real-world ghosts and horror stories. Take a walk down the brick-walled roads of Charleston that are famous for those gorgeous manors.

These houses hold memories that date centuries back and the troubled spirits are still haunting the dwellers. Melanie, the mother of two adorable kids and a handsome husband, is everything but excited to get back to work, but her maternity leave is done, and now she's just forced to get back to it. One day, a ringy phone call wakes the woman up, but there's nobody on the other end of the line.

Melanie fears that the nasty ghosts that have been gone for a whole year are, for some reason, back into her life. She's got more than enough on her plate, and a supernatural presence in her own house isn't really what she's been dreaming of as of late. Thankfully, her first day at work goes pretty great, and there's a new client on the horizon that wants to sell the house that she inherited recently.

The majority of folks would give a lot just to live in one of the best mansions in the prestigious district, but Jayne, the owner and the seller dreams of getting rid of it and promises Mel a nice commission if she does it fast. But spirits are back in her life, and it's gonna be a challenge not to go completely insane. Nothing good comes out of rattling long-buried secrets, and it's quite hard to keep them hidden.

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