This is the story of a dad who's trying to avenge his kid's murder and bring hope and meaning back into his devastated family's life. Will, a renowned, commercially successful artist, was enjoying a nice October evening in his gorgeous family house. Over the dinner, his dear spouse, Sophie, would talk about the upcoming chorus rehearsals for the wonderful holiday show.

And Lucy, their daughter, would share her views on the French club and the intricacies of hockey. However, Lucy never came home that day. A few days later, the cops found her dead body somewhere in the middle of the woods. Port Fortune used to be THE place for Will to relax, breathe the fresh air and get some inspiration for his work, but not anymore. Now it's just reminding him of his daughter's tragic passing.

And, even when Gervase, a father, asks him to paint a few portraits of saints - something that the man really loved to do back in the day - it's hard for Will to say yes. He's going crazy over the loss of Lucy, and every single person in town looks like they are the killers. Heartbreak, devastation, rage and fear are slowly consuming hm. Sophie, on the other hand, is doing everything in her power to move on and to forget about the horrors of the past.

Father Gervase lends the family that much-needed help and becomes their best friend during these dark times. Rain, Lucy's BFF, can't cope with the loss and separates herself from the world. All these people come together and clash in a chain of inextricably linked, life-changing moments that could lead both to redemption and to destruction. The Halo Effect is a true page-turner, a gripping, exciting and addictive mystery thriller. It's big-hearted, moving, and vivid.

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