The-Handmaid's-Tale-By-Margaret-AtwoodMargaret Atwood is known for creating unique, beautiful worlds, charming characters, and gripping plots. But, even for her bright mind, The Handmaid's Tale is a one-of-a-kind novel. Welcome to the nearest future, ladies and gentlemen: America is no more - it's called Gilead now - a Godless country that's constantly oppressing the freedom fighters and is intolerant to any kinds of "rebels".

Social unrest is booming, and people are having fewer and fewer kids, which results to local wars, killings, and rebellions. The new ruthless regime thinks of Genesis as the absolute truth and does everything according to what it says.Obviously, the honest men and women of what used to be the glorious United States have to suffer through it all, and life gets harder and harder by the minute.
Offred, the main character of the book, is a Handmaid, and she's forced to struggle on every step of the way under the new social norms. She's the heroine of the story, the quiet, peaceful girl who reveals to us, the readers, all the horrors of this world's elite and shows a way to beat them. The Handmaid's Tale is most certainly one of the greatest novels of our time, and it's simultaneously horrifying, touching, thought-provoking and funny.

You could call it an official warning for the contemporary folks, a satire, or just a highly addictive and insightful story for the fans of smart, witty books. If you know and love Margaret Atwood's novels, The Handmaid's Tale will have a very special place in your heart. Part science fiction, part mystery, this is a very important release. Make sure to grab your copy!

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