The-Happy-Prince,-and-Other-Tales-by-Oscar-WildeThis is a collection of stories for little kids by none other than Oscar Wild. It was first presented to the public in 1888. The Happy Prince tells a tale about a swallow that got left behind when his "family" traveled to Egypt and now he has to stick around in a miserable town where the majority of the population is starving and struggling to survive.

That's where he first encounters the statue of the Happy Prince, who, in turn, never really knew what real joy and happiness feel like. He's been standing there for a while now, and countless poor people walk by him every day. He sees their struggles, their unhappiness, and wants to lend a helping hand. So, he asks the bird to grab the gilded leaf, the sapphires (on his eyes) and the ruby and give them to the people who are in need.

When winter comes, the swallow dies because of the harsh weather and his willingness to help out others before taking care of himself. After the bird's gone, the prince's metal heart breaks and the people of the town tear down his statue. Only the dead little bird and the broken metal heart remind of their glorious deeds now. However, their kind souls are not forgotten, and an angel comes down from the skies and takes them up to the heavens. God himself grants them access, and they lead a happy, trouble-free life in the astonishing city of gold, prosperity, and happiness.

Along with "The Happy Prince", the major story, you'll find four more incredible stories in the book, so, if you're in the market for the right "pack of tales" for the little ones, Oscar Wild is the right man to see! It's an educational collection of stories, one that you can read to your children at night when they go to sleep.

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