The Help by Kathryn Stockett

help-the-book-katrine-spccett0182_w650Jackson, Mississippi, in 1962: The young Skeeter is frustrated. After graduating, she spends all day on the parental cotton farm. More over the Skeeter is the only one without a ring on her finger.

All her girlfriends already marred. It is one of many reasons to displeasure of her mother. Unfortunately the only fiancé nearby is an arrogant snob. Moreover, her bellowed black nanny disappeared. Skeeter wants only one thing: to live away from the poky Jackson and became a journalist in New York.

And to get closer to this goal, she teams up with two maids Aibileen and Minny, who are just as dissatisfied of their life as she is. The Minny is looking for a new job. She is known for her cooking, but it is also feared. Together the three women decided to violate the one of the strongest rules of their time and plan an escape . Why they do that? They suffered enough.

"Good spirits" (another name for this book) is Kathryn Stocketts first novel which has a phenomenal success. It climbed to № 1 of the New York Times bestseller list and holds there for 100 weeks.

The "Good spirits" is on the bestseller lists even in England, Spain, France and the Netherlands. The book was translated into 40 languages worldwide. A film adaptation was written and directed by Tate Taylor.

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