the-hidden-life-of-trees-by-peter-wohllebenWhat do you know about trees? They're green, they're big, and they live for hundreds of years. Plus, they look and feel great when you're walking around in a park and/or a forest. Yes, that's pretty much everything that we - the regular people - know about them. But are they social beings, do they have souls or do they dream? Those are the kinds of questions that Mr. Peter Wohlleben, a world-acclaimed forester and writer talks about.

He wrote a big-time bestseller on the subject trees, and you'll learn so much amazing stuff about them! The man knows how to discuss unusual topics with heart, passion, and excitement. In The Hidden Life of Trees he argues that the forest is indeed some sort of a social network and that the single "individuals" in it communicate with each other and link up whenever they need.

Keep in mind that this isn't a work of fiction - Wohlleben's book is based on shocking-yet-true scientific discoveries that claim trees are a lot like us, the humans. For example, tree "parents" live side by side with their "kids": they communicate with them, supply them with whatever they need (like nutrients, water, etc), take extra care of sick trees, and even warn each other when an imminent danger is upon them.

The author did a fantastic job of sharing his love for woods and trees with us, the readers, while keeping the book interesting, entertaining and educational. Wohlleben delivers an intriguing, ground-breaking, exciting look at the world of trees. And it's safe to say that after reading The Hidden Life of Trees you'll start appreciating the woods a lot more than you did ever before!

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