The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

THE-HIDDEN-ORACLE-2-RICK-RIORDAN-epub-mobi-fb2There is a way to punish even an immortal god. You may make him mortal. One day the mighty god Apollo is cast down to Earth from the Olympus. He angering Zeus, so lord of gods punish him.

In one moment Apollo is a mighty god, in another – the teenager in New York City. In the USA he has no powers, he is disoriented and very weak. Apollo must use all his experience and wisdom to survive. He tries to learn how to live in this strange new world.

There is a way to be mortal again. But Apollo must regain Zeus's favor in the first place.

Apollo has many enemies in New York City and not all of them are mortals. There are many monsters and gods. Many of them would like to destroy Apollo permanently. Former Olympian needs help. The only one place he must have it is an enclave of modern demigods. This place is well known as Camp Half-Blood. He must find it.

The Hidden Oracle is a magnificent conclusion to The Heroes of Olympus series. There are a lot of adventures and memorable characters, great battles and flashes of humor.

Rick Riordan was well known as the Storyteller of the Gods. He is the creator of 3 New York Times best-selling middle-grade series. His most notable work is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. RICK RIORDAN based his novels on Greek, Rome, and Egyptian mythology.

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