The High Mountains of Portugal: A Novel by Yann Martel

the-high-mountains-of-portugal-2-by-yann-martel-epub-mobi-fb2As the bestsellers "Life of Pi" the new book by Yann Martel is a masterpiece full of wisdom and wit. One of try masterpieces of our time.

The book is divided into three episodes, and the action takes place in 1904, 1938 and 1981. They are only connected to one another very loosely , but all parts are extremely imaginative. All characters described in the book with great warmth and love.

The first part of the books describes a man who goes on an expedition in the north of Portugal "riding" one of the first automobiles ever made. In the second main character discovered an unusual pathologist in his body. In the third act, a Canadian politician is drops everything he has and starts a new life in Portugal with a chimpanzee .

In his new novel Yann Martel skillfully linked together different story threads. This work is so impressive that you can think about it as about literary miracle. It describes incredible, yet absolutely believable events about our life, death and love filled with a tragic magic. Yann Martel has added to his bibliography the new masterpiece.

This book can have a very powerful impact on the reader. The High Mountains of Portugal is so full of life wisdom, that it can become apparent to you not
immediately, but some days after you finished the novel.

The end of this book is not easy to understand. I maybe even do not like it, but no matter what The High Mountains of Portugal is one of the best novels of the 21st century! The High Mountains of Portugal is worth your attention.

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