The-Hot-Flash-Club-By-Nancy-ThayerWhen it comes to romantic sagas about modern-day women, their ups and downs, Nancy Thayer knows a thing or two about creating insightful, thought-provoking, funny and entertaining novels. The best-selling writer is officially back, and this smart, witty and brisk book about 4 fearless women will captivate you from the very first pages.

These ladies are on a path towards discovering their true selves and what they were really meant to be: energetic, passionate, happy, and, most importantly, alive. The best days are ahead of them, and all they have to do is enjoy them the way they are supposed to. Faye, Shirley and the rest of the girls are successful, skilled, intellectual and have a few skeletons in their closets. And right now, they're not the happiest women on planet Earth - not even close.

They feel abandoned, disappointed and can't find the necessary strength to stand strong on both feet and do something about their lives. However, one fine day, they all meet and realize that this world is about so much more than just broken dreams and unsatisfied desires. They establish the now-legendary Hot Flash Club and begin to slowly, but steadily feel alive again.

Getting up from their knees is going to be a pretty hard thing to do, but the Club is there to help each and every single one of them. This is a place where women of all ages, creed, and color come together to talk about motherhood, family, sex, husbands and that daunting housewife routine. They're serving a delicious chocolate cake, though, and the community is always ready to lend that helping hand.

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