the-house-by-the-lake-by-ella-careyElla Carey is a big fan of historical romance, and her books are constantly topping all kinds of international sales charts. The House by the Lake follows Anna, a modern-day young woman who enjoys a nice, quiet life in the United States. But, her world is flipped 180 degrees when her grandpa tells her a stunning secret - she's the descendant of a wealthy family that was devastated by the horrors of war back in WW2.

And Max, the grandpa, had no other choice but to leave a magnificent item behind. It's been 70 years since he left his family's mansion in Prussia, and now he wants nothing more but for his granddaughter to go back there and bring him that precious thingy.

So, Anna embarks on a breath-taking journey to Germany, but she can't shake the feeling that Max didn't tell her everything about their lives in the 20th century. Why keep the real truth hidden? In any case, the girl is determined to make her grandfather's wish come true, and she starts to look for answers. Soon, she meets Wil, an attractive, masculine man who might just be the key to figuring out the mystery behind Max's story.

The two join forces and discover that Anna's family secrets will be revealed in an old building in France and that the real truth is far more intriguing than the girl had initially thought. The House by the Lake goes back and forth between 1930 and the present, inviting the readers into an exciting journey through time and towards centuries-old revelations. This is a wonderful historical novel with twists, turns, a solid plot and Ella Carey's trademark writing.

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