Max is about to turn 35, and he's already got everything a man can dream of: a super-successful mogul-of-a-company, power, respect, and influence, but, when it comes to love, he's always running out of luck. He's spending too much time at work, and, given the fact that he's got a beautiful daughter to raise, it's no surprise why the man's love life is less than perfect.

He's really bad at talking to the ladies, has very little patience and a hot temper. So, when he hires a breathtakingly gorgeous woman - who's recently single - to take care of his baby girl, the last thing on his mind is fooling around with her and getting them both in trouble. But she is quick to become the biggest distraction in his life, and Max doesn't need any of that right now.

His work demands all of his free time; besides, relationships always end badly, and he doesn't want any of that "bad energy" around his daughter. Well, at least that's what he's telling himself, because, in fact, this sexy young woman is on his mind 24/7, and he can't stop fantasizing about her in all the dirtiest ways possible.

And what about her? Is she interested in spending some "quality time" with one of the most eligible bachelors in the city? You'll never know unless you grab a copy of the book and read it! The House Mate is a brilliantly-written, well-developed and extremely sexy romantic novel with just the right line-up of characters, a predictable, yet lovely plot, and a wonderful finale. If you wanna relax, have some fun and enjoy your time with a book, Kendall Ryan's latest story is right up your alley.

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