When it comes to action-adventures and thrillers, Chris Kuzneski is the man. The Hunters is his brand-new blockbuster that instantly became an international bestseller. The story follows a top-notch squad - the best of the best - that is tasked with tracking and retrieving the most legendary treasures on planet Earth.

You’ve got a computer genius, a professional thief, a hard-boiled soldier, a weapons expert, and, of course, a historian. A powerful and influential billionaire is funding the team and supplying them with whatever they need, as long as they get the mission done. Back in 1916, the Romanian government struck a deal with the Russians. They knew that the Germans would be victorious in WW1, so, they asked Russia to take care of their most valued treasures.

They sent two heavy trains full of precious metals, gold and the most valued treasures of the country - including centuries-old artifacts and relics - to secret underground "storehouses" of the Russian Empire. However, the war was raging, and the priceless treasure got lost somewhere along the way. Today, that cargo is valued at 3.5+ billion US dollars!

Obviously, there had been numerous attempts at locating it, but nobody could ever find this precious cargo...until now. The team has a new mission, and it’s gonna be their hardest “gig” ever. The Hunters is a brilliant combination of action, suspense, thrill, and excitement. It's pretty much a perfect book for the fans of the genre, so, if you love to dig out centuries-old treasures with a team of professionals and fight the evil guys, The Hunters is most definitely your cup of tea!

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