The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

The-Husbands-Secret-by-Liane-MoriartyYou will like this book. Why? First of all, you very quickly found yourself in the intrigue scenes and quickly became acquainted with the protagonists.

The story consists of individual storylines. First, the reader learns Cecilia, then met her husband John-Paul. Cecilia finds by chance a letter of John-Paul, she should open only after his death. "Only in the event of my death to open" Cecilia read from a letter her husband wrote to her. What does that mean? Her husband is not dead! It was the main reason to read this letter to the bottom of it. What she finds inside, can turn her life in a different way. How well she knows her husband actually? And how far she should go to protect her family?

The writing style of Paula McLain gives you very pleasant time spending. It is uncomplicated, trip over, with many great dialogs, it can be read very quickly.

Actually. this book is about 3 women whose life are changed at once. The first of them is betrayed and reacts by escaping from home and taking her son. The other learns something terrible about her loved one. The third lost many years ago her daughter and tried live with it. The author shows the reader each woman in great details, telling us about their past, their families and fatalities. A really good book, I recommend it to everyone.

Liane Moriarty is a freelance copywriter who has won several awards. She lives with her husband and young son in Sydney. For her debut novel "Three wishes for free", she received the Fred Rush Convocation Prize. The novel placed itself at first place in the top ten of the Australian bestseller list and since that time appeared in several similar lists in other countries.

Her other novels A GIFT OF HEAVEN and FORGET HIM NOT were great successes too. Liane Moriarty lives with her husband and her young son in Sydney.

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