The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The-Idiot-by-Fyodor-DostoyevskyThe Idiot is a story about a positive, good, kind and caring man, an open-hearted person who always puts the needs of others first. However, people around him mistake him for a stupid, naive and "idiot" man. This book tells us about the false desires, egoism, and conflicts that are inherent to the human nature. The critics consider this novel to be one of the greatest ones of its time and it's constantly being mentioned in all kinds of Top-100 lists.

The book consists of four parts, and we meet the main character, Myshkin, on a train, while he's on his way to Saint Petersburg. This young man in his twenties only sees the good in the world (and people) and wants to make it a better place. He suffers from an epileptic condition and had been getting treatment at a clinic in Switzerland for the last 4 years. Soon Myshkin meets Rogozhin, a young fellow who's intense, wild and knows exactly what he wants - to catch the attention of a striking beauty, Nastassya Filippovna. As it turns out, he inherited a huge fortune from his late father and wants to waste it all on this lovely girl.

Initially, Myshkin decides to travel to Russia in order to take care of some business with a distant relative. However, he falls in love with Nastassya Filippovna and even offers 100K rubles to help her out. Still, she decides to leave with Rogozhin, and he follows them. The woman's love for both men is one of the main themes in the book, despite the fact that later on, Myshkin falls in love with Aglaya, one of his distant relative's daughters. The Idiot is often called Dostoevsky's most original and the most honest novel.

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