The Iliad by Homer

The-Iliad-homerAncient classical works are incredibly complex and difficult for reading today. But it is really memorable and interesting. The main character of the Iliad is Achilles, a young hero, son of Peleus and the sea goddess Thetis. It is a strong, free-spoken person, with the deep feeling of revenge. It turns out that Achilles - is an ideal warrior, for whom the honour stays above all other values.

This work is the oldest monument of European literature. The first thing that came to mind after you read it is unusual vocabulary and very realistic spirit of this heroic work. In some moments when Homer describes the battle scenes, it is if you see them with your own eyes and feel the death in all its hideous glory of mourning.

An image of Achilles is beautiful and terrible at the same time, and even disgusting. This character has blood on his hands of many fallen warriors. It is lake Achilles bathed in enemies' blood.

Another character of the Iliad is Hector. He seems almost perfect warrior. He is cruel, of course, but who of us would not be tough if it needs to defend our homeland and families. He is beautiful and noble. But a coin has two sides always. For the Greeks - he is a nightmare. His hands are stained with blood. And by his grace, many wives lost their husbands, fathers, and children.

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