Father Brown is a fictional priest loosely based to a mild-mannered Father O’Connor whom author G. K. Chesterton met in Beaconsfield after he was transferred from London. Our protagonist is a stubby Roman Catholic priest who walks around in oversized garments and a large umbrella. He has an unassuming personality but with remarkable ability to accurately assess situations or people. Such ability allows him to put pieces of mystery together in order to bring even the most cunning criminals to justice. He has a deep understanding of the human nature and uncanny awareness into why people commit crimes and the kinds of wrongdoings they are likely to commit.

G. K. Chesterton adored Father Brown’s character and the magazines he wrote for also embrace the series of stories he wrote. The Innocence of Father Brown is a collection of twelve short stories that features Father Brown in his crime-solving adventures. He is sometimes assisted by a reformed criminal, Hercule Flambeau – forming an unlikely pair that is sure to entertain the readers.

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