the-inquisitors-tale-by-adam-gidwitzAdam Gidwitz is back with a brand-new smash hit for the kids of all shapes and sizes. The Inquisitor's Tale is an exciting, smart and funny adventure story that takes place in the medieval age. It's a known fact that Mr. Gidwitz is a brilliant storyteller, but this time around he delivered his best work to date. It's both ambitious and magical, and that's a killer mix!

So, its 1242, and on a dark, scary night, travelers from all over the world come together at a regular inn and start telling tales about 3 kids. Their journey takes them all across the Medieval France: they are captured by the king's guard, sit on a seat next to the king himself, and save the world from all kinds of ridiculous monsters. Next, they're on the run, trying to save their own lives and to keep a bunch of holy texts from being turned into ashes.

This adventure leads them to Mont Saint-Michel, the final destination where they'll have to show the public whether they really are magicians or just a group of thieves and liars. Jeanne, a girl from a poor family, has prophetic vision, Join is an oblate, and Jacob escaped from a village that was burned to the ground. And they all travel through France together and do God's work.

The Inquisitor's Tale is told from multiple perspectives, and that allows the author to put his great writing talent to good use. Every single story reveals a tiny bit about these young heroes, and, when you finish the book, you get the whole picture that's truly amazing. The Inquisitor's Tale is the perfect gift for your kids if you're looking for a smart, bold, hilarious book that's full of adventure and some non-stop heroic action.

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