Believe it or not, science fiction was around long before Star Wars, The Hunger games and The Expanse came out. The Island of Doctor Moreau is one of the first novels in the genre and also one of the greatest ones. It was first published in 1896. H. G. Wells, the legendary author, created a vast, unusual and compelling universe with its own rules and principles.

Edward, the main character of the story, miraculously survives a shipwreck and is saved by a boat that happens to pass him by. They take him to the island of Doc. Moreau, a psychopath who creates humanoids slash monsters from humans and animals. He used to be an esteemed physiologist-scientist until his inhumane experiments caught up to him and his colleagues exposed him to the world.

Next, he fled to the island and continued conducting his gruesome experiments on real human beings. And now it's up to Prendick to confront the crazy man and to put an end to his atrocities. The critics are calling Wells's novel a philosophical tale, as it explores the themes of morality, pain, brutality, identity, and the catastrophic consequences of "playing God".

The Island of Doctor Moreau is considered to be a classic science fiction book and is one of the writer's best-known novels to date. Numerous directors/producers turned it into films, theatrical acts, and shows, and that is why it's still quite popular among the fans of the genre. The greatest thing about it - The Island introduced a huge number of elements that we can't imagine science fiction without today. Back in 1896, Wells was the first to implement all those exciting features into science fiction.

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